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De Witt Farms LLC

1/8 Beef Share/Deposit - Free Shipping!!!

1/8 Beef Share/Deposit - Free Shipping!!!

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Accepting deposits now!!! First come, first serve on all shares. Beef will be available to ship/deliver/pick up starting the beginning of November.

Deposit:  Your 1/8 beef non refundable deposit is $247.50.  Your final payment will be $577.50 after your deposit is subtracted.  The total amount is $825.00 for 55 lbs beef.  Total cost includes Beef share and processing.  

How it works:  You reserve your beef today with a deposit.  We will go out and select the healthiest and most finished steer in the herd.  We will have our expert butcher process your beef to maximize flavor and tenderness.  Once your beef is ready, we will send you an invoice to collect the remainder of the payment ($577.50).  We will then ship it to your door for free, in 8 large boxes.  Your beef will arrive fully frozen and vacuum wrapped.  

Freezer Space:  This 1/8 beef will require approximately 1.5 - 2 cubit ft. of freezer space.

How much beef to expect:  Each 1/8 Beef includes 55 lbs of hand selected assortment of Steaks, Roasts, and Ground beef.

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Delicious and Nutritious Beef

Red meat is a great source of highly bioavailable protein

It's rich in essential minerals; particularly iron, selenium, and zinc

It's a significant provider of B vitamins, especially Vitamin B 12

It contains various bioactive compounds that offer benefits, such as creatine, carnitine, glutathione, and taurine